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  • Economical Wall
    Mount Model
  • Natural Model
  • Counter Tob Model
  • E Tob Model
  • Hot and Cold RO
  • Deluxe RO
  • Commercial RO Plant
  • Carbon Filter
  • Iron Removal System
  • Water Softners
  • DM Plants
  • Commercial RO

Who We are...

Water Flash

Water flash system Are a well known company dealing in Ro water purifiers. Our brand name has become most popular.

Water flash system selects right combination of components with technical strength and innovation. Whether you need Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Ro water purifies and their components, Mineral water Plants, Chillers, UV, and Ozonators. Ultra-Filtration, water softeners, Plants for villages, Hospitals, Societies, Hotels, Scholl, etc.

Water flash system offers a single point access and availability under one roof.

Our Advantages...



Argentum Nano Fresh Technology

Argentum Nano Fresh Technology ensures that water stays fresh and pure and tastes good too.

Intelligent Auto Flush

It ensures superior and effective membrane performance by auto-cleaning the membrane at regular intervals.

Water Flash
  • Tamper-proof Reject Water Value
  • Enhanced Booster Pump
  • Double Filtration
  • Transparent Tank
  • Float level
  • Dual Flow Tap

My energy altitude is much privileged since I’ve been drinking this WFS water and there is an immense reduction of arthritis in my hands. Also, I don’t require as much doze as before. I just experience great thanks to the WFS.

Mani, Medavakkam

I replaced drinking bottled water with the WFS water 3 weeks before. I have amazed, my eyesight actually improved. The contact of the WFS is amazing!

Balaji, Camp Road